A New Fluoro on the Block

It’s official: a fancy new system just moved in and it’s already making a great impression.

Ozarks Community Hospital is proud to announce the addition of a digital fluoroscopy system to be used as a part of the hospital’s Radiology Department. The new machine offers “real-time” X-Ray and digital images to complement the hospital’s transition to electronic medical records.

 The fluoro machine will also be faster, offer less radiation and provide patients a smaller dosage due to the use of the pulsing technique.

 Previously, OCH used film to capture patient images.

 “It’s also helping us with our orthopedic group that we service here. Because of its capabilities, we now have better, clearer internal images of our patients,” said Joe Pomering, Radiologic Technologist for OCH.

 The system is already in use and in full swing.

 “We’ve been very fortunate, both in the shape the system’s in, in the image it puts out and for what we were able to purchase it and get it installed,” said Pomering. “So it’s been a win-win-win situation for everybody in this thing.”

 Learn more about the system:


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