Eeny, meeny, miny, mo! How to choose my birth control?

Trying to choose a contraceptive is like staring at a long list of ice cream flavors: twenty-one options and they all sound good! Unfortunately, for most women, the real deal isn’t as easy as choosing between cookie dough and caramel chocolate delight; it’s a bit more daunting.

Providers Beverly Gann, WHNP and Krista Boyd, DO sat down with us to offer their insight on birth control and contraceptive options available for women today. Watch the videos to find out more information, but please note:  OCH providers do not endorse specific brands of birth control.

Beverly Gann, WHNP specializes in women’s health and is certified as a psychiatric and mental health nurse and childbirth educator. She received her training at the University of Missouri in St. Louis and at the St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing. Gann is currently a member of the Association of Nurse Practitioners in the Ozarks. She works in OCH’s Specialty Clinic and can be reached by calling (417) 837-4079.



Dr. Krista Boyd’s is board certified in family practice and works at the OCH Christian County Clinic in Nixa, Missouri. She received her training at the Kirskville College of Osteopathic medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. To contact Dr. Boyd, call (417) 725-8250.

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