Senate Bill 111: Patients’ Rights to Choose

Missouri citizens, it’s time to act.


It’s time to remind your state Senator that you care about CHOICE. The right to choose your healthcare provider matters.


Ozarks Community Hospital supports Senate Bill 111. The bill, also known as “Any Willing Provider” legislation, will ensure that (as long as a provider will accept the terms of the patient’s insurance) Missourians will have access to the provider of their choice at the same cost and quality of their current in-network physicians.


In other words, if you care about:


  • Staying with YOUR doctor regardless of insurance changes. Doctors who have an established relationship with their patients ultimately know the needs of the patient more than those who don’t.
  • Increased competition that lowers cost. Missouri providers can do the best work for patients if they can make choices on behalf of patients that have nothing to do with the health system needs.
  • And above all… choice. If you believe you should determine which doctor you see, instead of the health system.

Then write a letter to your Senator (or email your Senator through this link: with the following information:


Missourians want more choices in healthcare. I ask that you vote DO PASS on Senate Bill 111, which will allow patients to go to the provider of their choice at the same cost and quality as deserved for each diagnosis. Please consider your constituents rights to quality healthcare, and vote in favor of our best interests.


This post has nothing to do with healthcare reform or Obamacare. By writing this letter, you won’t be forced to change your doctor. This letter is simply your way of telling those who make the decisions in Jefferson City that you want the power of healthcare decisions to remain in the patients’ hands.


If you agree with SB111, you must 

contact your state senator BEFORE:

Friday, April 8, 2011



Citizens of Missouri, help us spread the word. Please send this message to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. We must work quickly to ensure our voices are heard.



Click HERE for a complete list for Senator contact information by county and district, or follow the link above to email your Senator.


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