OCH pediatric provider Leta Barnes, PNP shares her thoughts on multivitamins for kids.

Pediatrics at OCH

Are multivitamins essential to a child’s development? What about infants? How important is Vitamin D to my child’s health? Find out what OCH pediatric nurse practitioner Leta Barnes has to say: 

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate vitamins (for infants & children). There is also very limited scientific data available regarding supplements for infants in children. However, here are my recommendations regarding vitamin intake for children and infants:

Infants who are full-term and breastfed may need an additional iron supplementation if not eating two servings of cereal a day by 4-6 months. Infants who are pre-term or have a low birth weight may also need additional iron supplementation; this is determined by your individual health care provider. Note: All infant formulas are already fortified with iron and additional supplements are not necessary.For full-term infants, iron-fortified infant cereal and/or meats are a good food source for iron. 

Preschool aged children tend to naturally…

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