8 steps to help parents prep for baby

This post was originally published on the OCH Pediatrics blog.

OCH pediatrician Dr. Christopher Spinelli recommends following these 8 essential steps to help moms & dads master the transition from “parents-to-be” to #1 mom or dad:

  • STEP 1: Stock up on diapers, bottles, wipes and trash bags.
  • STEP 2: Prepare your child’s sleep area (or nursery).
  • STEP 3: Purchase a car seat and make sure you know how to use it before the baby needs it.
  • STEP 4: Prepare meals ahead of time (for you) and freeze them so you don’t have to cook much the first week of arriving home from the hospital.
  • STEP 5: If expecting a boy, start saving money for circumcisions (if you are going to have one).
  • STEP 6: If there are siblings, let them know ahead of time about the changes that will occur when you arrive back home.
  • STEP 7: Review baby basics (see details below)!
  • STEP 8: Call Dr. Spinelli’s office to schedule a FREE prenatal personal visit, by phone (417) 837-4003 or fax (417) 875-4782.


For more baby basics tips, attend our reoccurring baby basics on the second Tuesday of each month from 2 to 4 pm! Parents and caretakers are invited to take the course to brush up on swaddling, crib safety, vaccine information, breast feeding, car seat safety, and other essential infant and toddler health basics. To sign up for a class, call (417) 837-4147 or email ewhite@ochonline.com.


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