How to Make a Realistic New Year’s Resolution About Your Diet


Each year millions of people make resolutions. Some stick, but most seem to fade away after the initial excitement wears off. Perhaps it is because the goal was unrealistic. Or, it could be because the goal was fixated on a small detail, rather than the bigger picture. 

Dieting is a great example of this. If you are planning on making a resolution this year that is health-related, try focusing on just that. Forget the perfect weight or measuring success by numbers on a scale. Focus on your overall health and well-being.

Kristen Wargo-Roeder, OCH Health System Registered Dietitian, shares a few tips on how to realistically carry out this goal for the new year:

  • Track Yourself: Monitor what you eat and drink and record your exercise. You can log in a journal or on a fitness tracking application. Tracking both of these can help you assess and identify behaviors you want to change, and it can help you recognize an unhealthy habit.
  • Grab a Workout Friend: Having a workout buddy can help you be accountable and ensure you exercise. Schedule time to work out together to make it a priority. On average, children and teens should get 60 or more minutes of physical activity per day, and adults should get two and a half hours per week.
  • Start Small and Be Specific: For example, rather than saying I will drink more water, create a specific goal regarding the amount of water you’d like to drink per day. As an added bonus make it a goal to no longer drink soda (bonus)!  This play right in to the next tip.
  • Don’t Drink Your Calories: Drink water rather than high calorie or sugary drinks.
  • Be Positive: Do not judge yourself. It won’t be easy, but to remember you are trying to improve your eating habits, your lifestyle, and the way you feel. If it helps, remind yourself how you feel prior to an overindulgent eating/drinking event.
  • Healthy Food: We all over indulge and overeat. Each day is a new day and an opportunity time to recharge.
  • If you have a setback, get right back on your plan:  If you happen to over indulge, get back on the right track the next day. Do not procrastinate. The quicker you are back to a routine the faster your healthy behaviors will translate into a healthy lifestyle.
  • Focus on Fiber: Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your meal plan. At each meal fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • Do NOT Skip Meals: Skipping meals can lead to over eating at snacks or next meal.

Make this the year of success! Meet your nutrition goals. Make a plan and remember you can do it. By following these recommendations, your New Year’s resolutions can be part of your healthy lifestyle. Here is to your health!

Kristen Wargo-Roeder is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with the Ozark Community Hospital Health System’s Integrated Care department. OCH Health System’s Integrated Care department offers healthy eating classes year round. For more information about OCH’s Integrated Care department, or any other services, visit


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