Six Ways to Avoid Being a Victim

Let’s face it: bad guys are out there. And statistics say one in five women are likely to be assaulted in their lifetime. Are you prepared to fight back? If not, start reading! Chuck Renner, OTR, CHT of OCH Advantage Therapy has six tips to help you keep yourself out of trouble and brush off the bad guys.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings. You heard ’em ladies, get off the phone! The more aware you are of your surroundings, the more likely you will be able to see a potential assailant before he attacks.
  2. Stay with people, go with people. Crowds are your best friend. If you are in a public setting, you have a better chance to make a scene and escape. Remember, your attacker doesn’t want an audience.
  3. Keep a barrier between you and the bad guy. It’s one more obstacle for your attacker to have to go through. The more you have between him, the better.
  4. Attract Attention. Scream as loud as you can, for as long as you can (even if your assailant tells you not to). if you make noise, you become a burden for your attacker. Bad guys want easy, quiet targets.  
  5. Control his hips and hands. If your assailant starts to come towards you, put up your hands. Nothing fancy, just raise ’em up and hold ’em steady. This simple gesture puts a block up and prevents your attacker from getting a clear shot to your face. Plus, you can keep screaming the entire time.
  6. Use your strongest weapons against his weakest targets. Your hands, elbow and knees against his eyes, neck and groin. It’s a no-win situation if you try to fight his strength; go for the areas he can’t “train.”

OCH Employees practicing some of Chucks’ techniques during a self-defense class.

And of course, always fight like a girl! Your goal is to get away, alive. Fight enough to allow yourself a window of opportunity to escape, and then scram. If you’re out, don’t forget to let someone know where you are (if you don’t know who to call, leave yourself a message on your answering machine). Every step you take, is one more step away from being a victim!

Chuck is OCH/Advantage’s Director of therapy services. He received his Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Kansas in 1984. He has practiced martial arts for 32 years.  In addition, Chuck is a second degree black belt in Tenshi Goju Ryu Karate and a fourth degree in Aikido. He serves as head instructor of the Springfield Aikido School. Chuck became a Certified Hand Therapist in 1991. He has certifications in these treatment techniques: Active Release Techniques, Total Motion Release, ASTYM, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Complete Decongestive Therapy and a level II provider of Primal Reflex Release Therapy. His professional organizations include: American Occupational Therapy Association, American Society of Hand Therapists, International Association for the Study of Pain, Past President of Southwest District Missouri Occupational Therapy Association, and The Missouri Chapter of the American Society of Hand Therapists.